The victory of the Tigray Defense Force (TDF)

This is a five part video presentation on the 2020/2021 invasion of Tigray by a coalition of forces: the Ethiopian, Eritrean and Amhara government soldiers and militias. It provides a sociocultural and political perspective on the origins of the invasion and the victory of the people of Tigray. In a civilized society, womanhood too…

Abiy Ahmed: a Nobel Laureate on a mission of genocide. A man whose actions have become corrosive to the Ethiopian social fabric

All that glisters is not gold — — William Shakespeare, Merchant of Venice, Act II Scene 7 The Noble Peace Prize is given to individuals or institutions for their contribution or service to humanity; for their endeavour to bring peace and fraternity among societies and nations. And for Abiy Ahmed this was the premise under which the…

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