The victory of the Tigray Defense Force (TDF)

This is a five part video presentation on the 2020/2021 invasion of Tigray by a coalition of forces: the Ethiopian, Eritrean and Amhara government soldiers and militias. It provides a sociocultural and political perspective on the origins of the invasion and the victory of the people of Tigray.

In a civilized society, womanhood too is an institution in and of itself.

Being at the center of its culture and history it embodies all its glories. And one can always see the tremendous strength and tenacity of women in a society like Tigray. A Tigrayan woman is the epitome of her culture; she is the shining star of a Tigrayan identity. She is a woman who sends off her children with blessing to fight for Tigray. Most of all, she is the brave and selfless woman who is always in the frontline, paying the ultimate sacrifice for freedom and justice. She is the Waero, a proud lioness of the Tigrayan Defense Force (TDF).

A long-held fear of Tigrayans has always been behind the enemies wish to attack Tigray. Although the enemies are not new to Tigray, many of us may not have imagined that the Eritrean president, the Amhara leaders and the Ethiopian prime minister would forge a military alliance in such a way to the extent of eradicating a proud society. What are they afraid of? What is the obsession with Tigray? One can always say that for decades, they have been relentless.

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