Abiy Ahmed and Isayas Afewerki. War-crimes in progress: A plea for a global action to ensure accountability for the ongoing genocide in Tigray

Right after making a mockery of the true values of the Nobel Peace Prize, in 2019, Abiy Ahmed deployed his own army and allies to conduct all forms of terror, including mass killings and rape, to subjugate the people of Tigray.  But Tigray rose from the ashes, and fought back in ways rarely seen in history.  And yet, along with his genocidal allies, Isayas Afewerki and the Amhara elite, Abiy Ahmed has not given up on the dream to annihilate Tigray.  When all the forces he put together failed to finish the job, this time he is using starvation to destroy the entire population. And the man he called a ‘fellow Nobel co-winner’, Isayas Afewerki, continues to assist in every possible way to expedite the fall of Tigray. Though their action is futile, its cost to humanity still remains quite immense.  

Again, the world is slow in responding to the ongoing plight of Tigray, and ideally watches as Ethiopia disintegrates at a rapid pace.  Some world leaders call for a diplomatic solution to the problem.  But, a diplomatic solution to war-crimes in progress? That sounds absurd. The situation calls for accountability and justice as an immediate response from the UN and the rest of the international community.

As for the Nobel Peace Prize—placing the name Abiy Ahmed into the mix of the names of great men and women is not a matter to be treated with “oops!”, then move on.  It is an outlier that never should have happened, to begin with… And it must be corrected for the sake of peace and justice, as well as to preserve the honor of all the past and future recipients of the Award.  

Sadly, ‘Laureate’ Abiy Ahmed continues his mission; this time, blatantly disregarding the efforts of the UN World Food Programme—the recipient of the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize Award.  How ironic!    

Thanks to all who stand for humanity

WTJ Daniels

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